60 min. $70.00 90 min. $100.00
This comprehensive full body massage is designed to meet your current needs. A variety of techniques which include lomi lomi, sports therapy, deep tissue and Swedish among others are combined to release muscle tension to aid in injury recover, ease away stress, stimulate the immune system and return your body, mind and spirit to a blissful state of balance.



60 min. $70.00
A traditional Ayurvedic massage that combines five different techniques designed to balance all the systems of the body: Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth & water). It starts with Garshana, a dry glove massage. The brisk rhythmic movements stimulate and heat your skin, and move the muscles, blood and lymph. This is a quick full body flushing – it gets everything moving.
Next is Abhyanga. Your entire body, from head to toe, is covered in warm herbal oil. With friction the oil is massaged deep into your tissues to loosen the ama (toxins). The pressure is broad and firm. The quick, repetitive strokes feel good physically and are surprisingly calming and soothing. The deep, slow, penetrating strokes of Vishesh are next. The downward flowing intention of these strokes moves tension and stress down and out of the body.
Essential oils are then applied to Marma points, (Ayurvedic energy centers on the body), which activates the flow of vital energy. A final Chakra balancing takes you into a deep profound state of bliss that will stay with you long after the treatment has ended.



90 min. $100.00
This soothing massage helps to restore the body, calm the mind and awaken the soul. Through massage techniques that include warm oil massage, joint mobilization and passive yoga stretching, all the vital energy centers of the body are opened. With the use of crystal healing bowls, sound vibration helps re-tune our own natural state of wellbeing. This treatment closes with a guided visualization taking you on a journey through all seven Chakras.



60 min. $70.00 (Add on to massage $40.00)
A deeply rejuvenating and detoxifying heat treatment that starts with a warm oil Abhyanga massage followed by a full body herbal steam treatment that helps mobilize toxicity in the body. It opens the channels of circulation (srotas) allowing impurities to move into the gastrointestinal tract to be eliminated. The Swedana relaxes the body, reduces tension and allows toxins to eliminate through the sweat glands.



35 min. $40.00 (Add on to massage $30.00)
The S.A.N. is a thorough head, face, neck and shoulder massage followed by an herbal steam treatment to the head and sinus, hot towel treatment to the face and chest and gentle herbal drops for the nasal passages. The SAN brings clarity to the mind and relieves tension and congestion.